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"drip drop marketing" is Smart Marketing

"drip drop marketing" works like this: Rather than fork over your entire budget at one time, spend a little each week to keep a steady flow of customers coming back to your store. This keeps more money in your pocket and avoids NEW customer bottleneck issues. If your business depends on the local economy (i.e. w/in driving distance), our “plastic” mailers will bring more NEW CUSTOMERS through your door than any other form of advertising - guaranteed. Special pricing available for high volume jobs (10M-1MM).



You Set The Budget

DripDrop Marketing is a weekly program, and your budget determines how many cards are mailed each week. You are in control.

You Pick The Geography

We will only mail to households near your store, via a radius or a zip code. Yes, we can remove your current customers if you have a database!

Test, Measure, Adapt

Short, weekly print runs means you have the ability to change your creative messaging at the drop of a hat and be ready for next weekly drop.




“I started a “new customer” campaign in July and it has been a huge success.  They cross with your POS data and only mail to addresses that aren’t already in your system.  Best part is the card itself is a very heavy duty plastic postcard that is the most professional piece I’ve ever seen.  Our response has been great.  Started paying for itself in the 3rd month and we have since estimated 50 new customers.”

Gary W., Owner, Fast Lube, 1 Location

“The DripDrop team is a dream to work with. They are responsive with quick turnarounds on campaign changes. I can call, text or email them at any time. These guys actually care about helping our business.  The results from our NEW customer campaign have been excellent – one of the best NEW customer campaigns we’ve ever done.  Very high quality product.”

Marie V., Marketing Dir, Fast Lube, 40+ Locations

“Just thought I would give you an update.  We have received 252 Free Car Wash Coupons and 22 Free 1-Month Coupons.  I am pleased with the results thus far…and I can tell you that I believe that I am getting more new customers.”

Paul K., Owner, Car Wash, 4 Locations

“Our work with Randy Townsend and DripDrop aims to increase our reach to potential new customers surrounding our locations. We are very pleased with our results, which show a hearty response percentage and we continue to see steady new customer growth. The highly customizable direct mail piece is of the highest quality and the customer service we receive is second to none. DripDrop  continues to exceed our expectations by delivering a quality product, stellar service and astounding results.”

Jenn B., Marketing Dir, Fast Lube, 12 Locations


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Features & Benefits

A Proven Way to Crush Your Competition

If your business provides a product or service to your local market, DripDrop mailers will work for you! We arm small businesses with THE best tool to compete in a local market and win. Our mailers GRAB HOLD of the consumer's attention and don't let go. When you start mailing, everyone notices and remembers your business.





3x to 5x Higher Response Rates

Yes, we are serious. Drip Drop "plastic" mailers typically generate 3x to 5x the Response Rate of traditional paper mailers depending on your category of business. They have an elegant look & feel, they're durable, and they create a long lasting impression in the customer's mind. Special pricing available for large quantity jobs (10M - 1MM).

100 Plan


/ Week

    • • 166 Plastic Cards w/ 332 Gift Cards per Week
    • • Automatic Mail Distribution
    • • Artwork Services (add on)
    • • Current Customer Scrubbing (add on)

200 Plan


/ Week

    • • 334 Plastic Cards w/ 670 Gift Cards per Week
    • • Automatic Mail Distribution
    • • Artwork Services (add on)
    • • Current Customer Scrubbing (add on)

300 Plan


/ Week

    • • 500 Plastic Cards w/ 1,000 Gift Cards per Week
    • • Automatic Mail Distribution
    • • Artwork Services (add on)
    • • Current Customer Scrubbing (add on)


Questions? Drop us a line!

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our service, or if you're ready to sign up for DripDrop Mailers. We can have your artwork setup by the next drop date!


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